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Endangered India

A side project done to spread awareness about 30 endangered species found in India using low-poly design.

I was a freelance graphic designer when I decided to start a side project to keep practicing my front-end development skills. The result was a product of committing an hour every day over the period of two and a half months.


Inspired by Bryan James' 'In Pieces' project I set out to test out my front-end developement skills, spending an hour everyday over three months. The idea was not mine, the intent behind this project was to explore svg parsing and animation whilst developing something interesting for school kids in India.

Every one of the endangered species consists of only 30 triangular objects, making it a challenge.


Once I had written a script to consider each animal as an array of 30 triangles and configured the animations in css, the programming part was done. Following that I had to create every animal using just 30 pieces in illustrator. Animals with four limbs were harder to make due to greater complexity.

Some of these species were once found in India with last sightings years ago and some are indigenous Indian regions with many people not even knowing about them. A lot of time was spent gathering information regarding these animals as there were not many reliable information sources and many were outdated. This project made me to write a SVG parser in order to animate the transistion between each element. The projects uses CSS properties which have not yet been standardized, limiting the best experience only to webkit browsers(mobile browsers, chrome). Some preliminary idea sketches are drawn above, with the images of all 30 animals below.