team with chuck

High fidelity interactions

Few interactions and user interface components made to express ideas. Done mostly in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Below are a few hifh-fidelity interactions projects which I have done over time. One is just exploring different options of an animation, another one is a side project in progress, the others are further explorations.

Bus Ticket (In Progress)

As part of a two member team with Hayden Mills, I participated in the Bloomington's civic hackathon. It was a great experience where I learnt a lot about teamwork, making trade-offs and getting shit done.

We were required to make a ticket which will be used on the phone and would handle the recent counterfeiting attempts. The success of the whole project higes on a small micro-interaction which the driver sees for a couple of seconds.

The results of this project are not out as of now. I will talk more about it once that happens.

The animation above is what we finally decided upon.

Levenshtein backtrack algorigthm explanation

Levenshtein distance between two strings is the minimum number of character edits(i.e. insertions, deletions or substitutions) required to change one string into the other. This is just a way to show the illustration of the interaction.


Activity Map overlay

A component made to visualize the daily activity over a 24 hr period for the desktop. This can be used in reporting and analysing activity patterns. This was a UI component which required to be made in high-fidelity to test it.


ScrollMagic storytelling (In progress)

A side project I'm currently working on. It is a way to tell a story by triggering components based on their scroll position. So far, I have just set up the basic components and look forward to doing it over the summer.

Batman Logos

More of a side project than an interaction, this is a project which shows the different batman logos made over the years. The logos are svgs made in illustrator showcased in a static page made using HTML and CSS.