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Interactive Resume

Redesigning the traditional resume through a storytelling and interactive video game experience.

As a side project I took on the challenge of redesign of the mundane resume into something which can show the unique aspect of the individual. The idea was to test the response toward the concept on a small resume so I took my own resume as a sample and tried to present it using an alternate fashion.


I was particularly impressed by Robby Leonardi's interactive resume and as a side project to keep my CSS and Javascript skills fresh, I decided to do a side project, spending an hour daily on it accross four months. This project was intended to explore storytelling. I also tried out numerous ways to achieve horizontal scrolling and SVG animation (which is still not a standard) using Javascript and the limits and opportunities of every approach.

The desired outcome as it looked when sketched out

Three intended goals were set -

  • Increase the time user spends on the page.
  • Create a lasting and unique impression.
  • To be able to use arrow keys to navigate as a video game.

I thought of a theme inspired by the flat design comprising of vibrant colors and crisp typography.

Using dummy images for the background elements, I first wrote the javascript animations required for walking, contact form, apparel and popping of skill ribbons.

Next step involved interations of design. Background images were designed using Photoshop and Illustrator and went through several cycles of refinement and heuristic evaluations.

Some of the designed components are shown alongwith a screenshot of the final outcome below.